Resources from The Gathering 2013

Audio files:

  • Bible Study: Silence in Heaven (Revelation 7.9-8.1)
    The Revd Dr. Will Lamb, Friday 31 May
  • Keynote Address: Out of the Ashes: Re-imagining Britain
    The Rt. Hon David Lammy M.P., Friday 31 May

  • Bible Study: Re-imagining Jerusalem (Revelation 21.1-7)
    The Revd Dr. Will Lamb, Saturday 1 June

  • Keynote Address: William Tyndale: the begetter of the King James Bible and the English Language
    Melvyn Bragg, Saturday 1 June

Speakers' notes:

  • 'God and the Gothic'
    The Revd Dr Alison Milbank, Friday 31 May
  • Re-imagining the Psalms for Christian formation
    The Reverend Dr Jeremy Worthen, Friday 31 May
  • New Monasticism: Re-imagining radical discipleship
    Andy Freeman, Friday 31 May
  • Re-imagining Church: legitimate or fraudulent; opportunity, necessity or danger?
    Canon Dr George Lings, Saturday 1 June
  • Bubble Blowing for Beginners – re-imagining children’s spiritual lives
    The Reverend Mary Hawes, Saturday 1 June



Rt Hon David Lammy, M.P., and Matthew Reed, CEO of The Children's Society, discuss faith, church and society.


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